Gabby Bat MitzvahEvery student at Gabby's Hebrew school was asked to do one mitzvot (good deed) before their bat/bar mitzvah. Gabby chose FORCE and sold reusable grocery bags with the breast cancer ribbon. (So a good deed for the earth too!). This project was very personal for Gabby. In her own words:

"I chose to raise money for your organization because my Grandma Arlene died of this horrible disease. I do not want anyone to go through what I had to go through. My grandma didn’t even tell me that she had breast cancer because she didn’t want to scare me. I found out when my mom talked to me and we both started to bawl. The life of my loved one was gone because of this horrible disease. I loved her so much and I hate to see people’s lives come and go because they were not able to be cured."

"This mitzvah project means a lot to me for several reasons. First, my grandma died from this disease because they did not catch the cancer early enough to be cured. Second, I miss my grandmother so much and I do not want anymore people’s lives to be gone because of breast cancer. Third, I have many friends who also have family members who have gone through cancer. Once a loved one is gone your life can change forever. I want breast cancer to be stopped. I hope my money donation will help you guys to find a cure!"