Art Opening honors artist, Mom, and FORCE member Dian Igou

Art Opening honors artist, Mom and FORCE member Dian Igou.

Dian Igou was an accomplished painter and fiber artist and was completing the details for an upcoming art show. Dian had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer 12 years before but that did not stop her from creating beautiful art pieces. Her completed work was hung on November 1, 2008 at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. Dian passed away on November 3.

Knowing what she would have wanted, her daughters went ahead and had the show's opening and reception on November 8th and donated the proceeds from the sale of her art to FORCE.

At the opening, Ingrid Haun and her sisters, Gabriel and Ariel, described FORCE and its vital work to attendees. "FORCE helped me and my sisters get through thedifficult months after we learned of our BRCA status, the decisions, the surgeries, and the recuperation. Our mother'scancer, and subsequent genetic testing, alerted us to our own high levels of risk. Because she was diagnosed, we most likely never will be. We received life-saving infomation as a result of her illness. Through FORCE, we received so much support for coping with the implications of our BRCA diagnosis. We owe so much to her, and to FORCE."

FORCE sends our deepest appreciation to to Ingrid, Gabriel and Ariel. We are very grateful for the donation and are in awe of their strength in moving forward with this show and their willingness to use this opportunity to educate others.