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Heather, Indianapolis, IN

Quick Info About Me


Age: 33

Single and Dx with BC (DCIS ER+PR+HER-) at 30 y/o in 2008. Confirmed BRCA2+. Completed BM in 2009 currently screening ovaries & trying to get pregnant

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My journey

It sucks no matter what your circumstances. I was DX and my significant 2 year boyfriend left me, then I found out that I was BRCA2+, to find out that it was not advisable for me to have children (which later changed). It was quite an emotional year for me not understanding why all of this was happening at one time. But... you gain a new perspective on life that can be wonderful! My faith & relationship in God grew enourmously as i felt i was alone otherwise. Today, i would do it all over again having the wonderful life that i have. I never imagined and had given up on any hope that the timeline would work out for me to 1)go through cancer 2)find a man 3)date 4)get married 5)have a baby and then 6)get a hysterectomy all within 5 years. BUT....God is good and has seemed to be making it all happen. I just got married to a wonderfully supportive man and we are trying to have a baby. We have about 1 year to make this happen and then get my surgery. But, I would like to say that not everyday is good....I have an anxiety disorder so I am continually fearful that I have cancer. I find the psychological aspects to be interesting because I am a totally diferent person post cancer than before. I get tired of the emotional rollercoasters. I was never an emotional person before cancer but now i cry at anything and everything. My new husband is awesome to put up with me and continue to be supportive!

The hardest part of my journey

The Ovaries & the entire "baby" issue of whether I can/should have one or not. This has been agonizing. I just got married and we are trying for one and hopeful but have a narrow window before i'm 35 and risk increases more for cancer. The goal is to have a hysterectomy before i'm 35 just to be safe.

If I could do it over again


Other thoughts

My Faith in God is the only thing that got me through my cancer journey and continues to keep me from falling apart about my future odds.

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