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Laura E, Eau Claire, WI

Quick Info About Me

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Age: 42

Actually finding out I have the BRCA mutation so I can do something about it! My genetic counselor has been fabulous & getting involved with FORCE!

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My journey

After loosing my mother, sister, and 2 aunts to cancer, I had the BRCA testing done. My tests showed the BRCA mutation, and I choose to have an oopherectomy right away. The biopsy of the ovaries did show pre-cancerous cells, so that was a great decision to have that surgery done. I have had one MRI guided breast biopsy which was the most painful thing I have every had done to this body. I have met with my oncologist and plastic surgeon and hopefully will be having a double mastectomy with a TRAM (using stomach tissues to re-create the breasts - like a tummy tuck), this winter.

If I could do it over again

No, except I would have liked to know about the testing sooner. A friend actually told me about the genetic testing as she and her sister had it done and had the prophayltic surgeries too.

My participation with FORCE

I have become the Outreach Coordinator in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I want to get the word out about the testing that is available and share my story.

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