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Amy Skiles, St.Charles, MO

Quick Info About Me

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Age: 34

I have started my journey but i have not had the surgeries yet. so as of right now i don't have any highlights of my journey yet

I'm more than my risk… some fun facts about myself:

Favorite book / authors:
fifty shades of grey

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wonder woman

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My journey

My Journey begins in 1991 when my mom found out she had a lump she then proceeded to fight for 2 years and went into remit-ion and then it came back a year in a half later worse then the first time she lost her battle in 1996 i was 13, I always knew that there was a chance i could get the cancer because it has been very prevalent on my mom side of the family but i always hoped it wouldn't come true because i hated to watch all the pain and sickness she went through. I always told my self if there is ever a way to prevent it i will bc i don't want to go threw that bc i saw what it did to my mom and to my mom and dad's marriage and i didn't want anything like that. Luckily i have a wonderful fiance who supports me and is there for me and i have an awesome father who has helped me through the journey so far of getting tested going to mammos with me and when we had a couple of scares he was sitting in the dr. office with me making sure i was ok.

The hardest part of my journey

i haven't had the hardest part yet but i know what is scaring me out of my gourd is the surgeries i am going to have to go through because my oncologist wants me as soon as i am done having kids to do the hysterectomy and then my obgyn says if i do that then i need to go on hormones which will cause the breast cancer unless i get a double mastectomy i don't know what to think because i am only 34 and haven't even started my family yet and now they want me to do all these surgery i know its a good thing so that i don't get cancer but at the same time its terrifying.

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