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Jessica Nelson, New Lenox, IL

Quick Info About Me



I am 25 years old and just had a double mastecomy on oct 30. I am in the reconstruction process.

I'm more than my risk… some fun facts about myself:

Favorite TV / Movies:
girl code

Favorite Quote:
feed your faith and your fears will starve

Favorite Song:
martina mcbride this one is for the girls

Favorite Superhero:

Other favorites?
Softball. Love playing catch. Working out. Wine nights with my friends. Finding strength in my weaknesses..

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My journey

Part of me always knew I had a the gene.. I watched my Aunt fight breast cancer for 18 years, a fight she had lost. My 5 year old sister (now 11 and perfect!) had cancer. When the brac test came out at the time my dad pushed for me to get it done. I refused. I did not want to find out I had the gene and wait for it to get me. This was before I knew I could take care of it. I always joked well lets cut off my boobs and get new ones... as my real ones caused back probelms. Pardon if I sound cold and for my misspelling, I went on here venting I guess. That was about 5-6 years ago. After finding insurance would take care of reconstructing and it is my last year on my dad's GREAT insurance. I did the test. I got my results in the worst way possible. My doctor had only heard of Angelina Jolie doing such a surgery. Within 4 months of my results I had my surgery done at Northwestern.

The hardest part of my journey

I had my mind set from day one, I would not sit and wait. I had been in a 10 year bad relationship now starting a new one with a great guy who has been by my side but recently things have got rough. I am great to finish the rest on my own, I am in the expanding part.. I did't know this part would hurt so much. I am strong but have my moments of weakness. I am glad I did not wait though, some reason I am sure about that.

If I could do it over again

No the less the thinking the better, I want to be the change and for my cousins and for my generation to put an end to the breast cancer history in our family.

My participation with FORCE

I just started. Today is my first night looking at this great site.

Other thoughts

If anyone can share the expanding part please do so, I may be alone for this painful process I really didn't look into. I hate asking for help and not being able to do things on my own. Is it better to go as a fast as I can or slow? I went in head strong I was told over and over right after surgery how great I look and I know the doctors and nurses were not lying. I had prepared mentally and physically for this surgery, but this part I am not so strong.

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