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Nicole , New Jersey

Quick Info About Me

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Age: 24

I am a previvor . Two days post op from a PDM

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My journey

I am 24 years old, single and a college student. I am happy to say that I have been accepted into nursing school and will be starting this fall! I found out I was BRCA2+ positive last year at the age of 23. My sister was diagnosed with cancer at 34 years old and when she came back positive for the gene the doctors recommend that my mom and I both get tested. We both came back positive.
I am happy to report that my sister is now six months cancer free! It was a long journey for her and seeing her struggles made my decision to undergo a PDM that much easier. I am 2 days post op and even though I am in some pain and a little uncomfortable I know I made the right decision.

The hardest part of my journey

The hardest part of the journey for me is waiting for reconstruction and getting used to the idea of having fake nipples. I know my own wouldn't have had any sensation if I was able to keep them but they would of made me feel like my new breast were more of my own.

If I could do it over again

If I could do this all over again I wouldn't do anything different! I made my decision to do this so early because I saw my sister struggle with chemo, a double mastectomy and radiation and I never want to have to go through that if I can prevent it. I am beginning nursing school in the fall and I want to be able to go on with my life without any worries and just be able to focus on my future.

My participation with FORCE

Finding FORCE definitely helped me realize that I am not alone. Being 24 years old there aren't many people my age that understand what I am going through to talk to, but reading other people's stories and seeing other people around my age facing the same obstacles helped me through the journey.

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