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XRAYS Blog: Sharsheret Webinar Helps People Make Sense of Breaking News in Breast and Ovarian Cancer

November 3, 2018

by Elaine Gottesman

Photo of Drs. Attai and Lewin

        Dr. Deanna Attai and Dr. Sharyn Lewin

Sharsheret is one of the partner organization for FORCE’s XRAYS Program. Sharsheret’s webinar, “Breaking News In Breast And Ovarian Cancer And What Should I Make Of It?” recapped some of the key takeaways from the 2018 American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Annual Meeting. Featuring Dr. Deanna Attai, of UCLA Health Burbank Breast Care, and Dr. Sharyn Lewin, of Holy Name Medical Center, the webinar highlighted the latest in personalized medicine, new breakthroughs in immunotherapy, the hottest clinical trials, and the use of chemotherapy in early stage cancer.  The webinar also showcased one of Sharsheret’s callers who spoke on the patient’s perspective of using cold caps. 

You can read a transcript and watch a recording of the webinar by clicking on Sharsheret’s website here.  You can also view the follow up “Ask the Expert” series, in which Dr. Deanna Attai answers additional questions about breast cancer and Dr. Sharyn Lewin answers additional questions about ovarian cancer. 

Sharsheret is a national not-for-profit organization supporting young women and their families facing breast and ovarian cancer. In light of our complementary commitment to providing culturally appropriate and accessible materials to women with breast and ovarian cancer, Sharsheret partners with FORCE’s XRAYS program and shares the program as a resource to our callers. 

If you have any personal questions or concerns, contact Sharsheret’s clinical team at

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