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What’s New is News

October 23, 2011

We have been busy at FORCE! I’m proud of the fact that we have so many new FORCE resources to share that a special blog about “what’s new” was needed.

If you missed our conference

You can view free webcasts of selected sessions from our 2011 conference. The following sessions are available for on-demand viewing:

Webcasts from prior conferences are available for free and on-demand viewing on the same  web page.

Share this video and save lives!

Research shows that identifying and educating people in the highest risk category about hereditary cancer, genetic counseling, testing, and risk-management options saves lives. Raising awareness about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer is easy; watch and share our new HBOC video. Email the link, post it to your FaceBook page, or watch it together with family and friends.

Read the latest HBOC research

We’ve updated our New Research Findings page

Read our latest edition of Joining FORCEs

Joining FORCEs is our newsletter with news, views, and perspectives from people facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. The Fall edition is available online: view individual articles or print or download the pdf version.

Webinar for women with metastatic breast cancer

Our recent webinar, Metastatic Breast Cancer – What’s New?, presented by Hatem Soliman, MD of Moffitt Cancer Center is available for free, on-demand viewing. Visit our archive page to view other free, on-demand webinars including:

New research survey for young previvors

FORCE is partnering with researchers to develop programs to meet the needs of young women who are at high risk for breast or ovarian cancer. If you are a high risk woman between the ages of 18-25, please consider filling out our anonymous research survey for young previvors.

Visit our Research Survey page for other open surveys including:

New resources for people facing surgery

  • If you are facing an upcoming breast or gynecologic surgery, our Patient Experience Contact Tool allows you to search for women who had the same surgery or used a particular surgeon. If you have already had surgery and want to help other women with their choices you can submit your contact information to the tool.
  •  Download our mastectomy checklist with helpful tips and tools collected from FORCE members who have undergone surgery.
See what FORCE is doing in your area

Visit our Local Events page for local FORCE meetings and events near you.

Stay tuned

Upcoming new resources from FORCE include:

  • information on how you can help us set our research priorities
  • advocacy for men at high risk for prostate cancer
  • our new and improved reconstruction photo gallery which will allow you to post your own photos
Stay in touch
Stay in touch to receive the latest information, articles, resources, and programs from FORCE.
You can contact us with feedback or to receive more information about FORCE resources and programs at: .

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