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13 Reasons to Attend the Joining FORCEs Against Hereditary Cancer Conference

May 1, 2012

Registration is now open for our 7th annual Joining FORCEs Against Hereditary Cancer conference. The excitement is building as planning progresses for this amazing and unique event. As Course Director, I think the conference is incredible; as a participant, this is the conference that I personally enjoy the most and gain the most from attending. In keeping with our “13 Things” theme for 2012, below are 13 good reasons why you should not miss this year’s event.

 1.  We have something for everyone. Clear explanations about the science of hereditary cancer make research and medical options understandable and accessible to everyone. From explanations about basic science, statistics, and cancer to presentations on new research discoveries, the conference offers a range of information that is relevant to people with and without advanced science training.

2.  The largest annual gathering by and for the hereditary cancer community. Be a part of this landmark event.

3.  Our conference is organized to help you find the information you need the most. Conference content is aligned into tracks with sessions that are focused on all aspects of hereditary cancer.  You will find informative and inspiring sessions whether you are a survivor or previvor, you are newly diagnosed or years out from treatment or preventive surgeries. Detailed and specific information will address:

    • newly diagnosed breast and ovarian cancer survivors
    • long-term cancer survivors
    • people still in treatment for cancer
    • people who just learned they carry a mutation
    • previvors
    • spouses, partners, and caregivers
    • people considering whether or not to have genetic testing
    • men with mutations
    • patient advocates
    • genetic counselors
    • people interested in surveillance for breast, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer
    • women who are considering prophylactic mastectomy (with or without reconstruction)
    • women who are considering prophylactic oophorectomy
    • women who have had prophylactic surgery
    • women who have undergone early menopause

4.  Medical and psychosocial resources and support. The information you gain will support decision-making and provide information about your legal rights that will help you navigate the medical and insurance systems.

5.  We bring researchers to you. You will have an opportunity to hear the latest research findings regarding detection, prevention and treatment, presented first-hand by the researchers themselves.

6.  Unprecedented networking opportunities. The conference offers plenty of time and opportunity to network with others based on your personal circumstances and geographic location.

7.  Benefit from the experience of others. Meet, chat, and bond with hundreds of others who share your concerns. Hear the poignant personal stories of people just like you who have faced hereditary cancer. Talk face-to-face with your virtual friends who have supported you on Facebook or the FORCE message boards. Our after-hours events are social gatherings that provide opportunities to share in relaxed and intimate settings.

8.  Information and support to help you make decisions about surgery and reconstruction. If you are considering your surgical options, talk to plastic surgeons and women with every type of reconstruction (and no reconstruction). Attend our “Show and Tell” session.

9.  Support for communicating genetic information to family members. Learn how to discuss sensitive issues with relatives, spouses, and adult and minor children.

10.  Enroll in research. On-site enrollment for studies that will offer better answers for the future allows participants to help make a difference.

11.  Meet one-on-one with the world’s hereditary cancer experts. Where else would you have an opportunity to ask personal questions about hereditary cancer, risk, treatment, surgery, and menopause of world experts?

12.  Bond with family members. Sharing the conference with family members is a unique bonding experience that will help them better understand the issues that you face, their own risk for cancer, and management options.

13.  Enjoy the venue experience. Centrally located in Orlando, our conference hotel offers many indoor and outdoor activities and sports – including lighted tennis courts and three full Jack Nicklaus golf courses – with proximity to all the major theme parks. The conference offers great food, relaxation, opportunities to decompress, express yourself, and play.

Visit our conference website to watch our conference video, download and print our brochure, view our agenda and speaker list, or read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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