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One More Reason Hoda Kotb is My Hero

April 23, 2018

Sisco Berlutti promotion features Hoda wearing the bracelet stack designed to support FORCE. by Karen Kramer

Photo of Hoda Kotb wearing the FORCE stack.

Hoda wearing Sisco Berlutti’s stack designed for FORCE.

I have loved Hoda Kotb for years. She has an infectious smile and an effortlessly positive outlook on life that I wish I could match.  After watching Hoda work hard for years, I am happy that she now has the job she deserves as the co-host of The Today Show. I start my mornings watching her share the day’s news with professionalism and positivity, something the world definitely needs.

As a breast cancer survivor, Hoda is no stranger to the difficulties that a cancer diagnosis brings. She has always been open and has shared her story honestly. She has dealt with life’s ups and downs with grace. I have such admiration for that, and as a previvor, I have found strength in her. We also have little things in common (even though she doesn’t know it J) that draw me to her: both born in 1964, both have hair that keeps us out of the rain, both try to give back to the community where we can, etc. She already has a best friend named Karen, or I’d find a way to wiggle myself into her life.

I think I could not admire Hoda more; and then, I see her wearing a FORCE bracelet, and I have one more reason to love this woman!  Just look at this photo—Hoda is wearing the bracelet stack that Sisco Berluti designed for FORCE. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I adore Hoda. I adore Sisco Berluti bracelets. Seeing them together just makes my day. Just in case you want a FORCE bracelet stack like me and Hoda, here you go.

Karen Kramer is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for FORCE. 

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