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Learn About Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer

November 1, 2016


by Lisa Rezende, PhD
November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. FORCE wants to raise awareness of the risk of pancreatic cancer in the hereditary cancer community. Pancreatic cancer is rare but BRCA carriers have a high risk, up to 5% compared to the 1.5% for the general population. Between BRCA carriers, the risk is higher for individuals with the BRCA2 mutation than with the BRCA1 mutation. People with mutations in PALB2, STK11, CDKN2a, and other genes are also at increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

This November, learn more about hereditary pancreatic cancer by:

The FORCE community includes people affected by hereditary breast, ovarian, and related cancers—including pancreatic cancer—and we are continually adding resources on this important topic.

If you have pancreatic cancer or a close relative who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and are concerned that the cancer in your family may be hereditary, see our “Should I get genetic testing?” page for information on signs of hereditary cancer.



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  1. is spearheading research to link genetic mutations found in pancreatic tumors to effective treatments. The “Know Your Tumor” program matches mutations in tumors to either approved treatments (such as BRCA2 Platinum chemo) or to open clinical trials testing suspected effective treatments.

    With the help of patient volunteers and researchers, we will improve survival!

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