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Supporting Those Who Support Us

April 14, 2009

Supporting Those Who Support Us

Like other nonprofit organizations, FORCE seeks partnerships with those who support our mission and community. Corporate donations are essential if we are to continue our lifesaving mission of helping individuals and families affected by hereditary cancer.  But it is not always easy. Funding is competitive, and many businesses choose to support only the most well-known causes.  In this frugal economic landscape, hereditary cancer is sometimes overlooked. That’s why we are pleased and honored to announce our newest corporate partnership with HoneyBakedâ. From now through Mother’s Day (May 10) a portion of the proceeds from every Half Ham sold in 51 HoneyBakedâ stores in seven states will be donated to FORCE. For a listing of participating retailers, please visit

Our mission is unique and the community we serve is important.  Our members consist of a subset of the cancer community—about 7-14% of all people diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer. We also encompass a much larger group of people who have not had cancer but are high risk by virtue of their genes. And because hereditary cancer affects multiple generations, often at a younger age, and can strike the same person with more than one cancer diagnosis, our members face a disproportionately heavy cancer burden.   So when a company chooses FORCE as the beneficiary of their cause marketing campaign it is noteworthy and deserves our attention. 

FORCE is unique in other ways.  Our community is affected by both breast and ovarian cancer, so our efforts equally emphasize both.  We focus on topics on the cutting edge of cancer research and care.  Cancer genetics, personalized medicine, targeted therapy and cancer prevention are all areas of interest to our community.  FORCE changes lives by alerting our community to the most up-to-date information, resources, and research in cancer detection, risk assessment, prevention, and treatment. Help us continue to make a difference by patronizing companies that support us (and let them know you’re supporting them because they’re supporting us).  For a list of other corporations that support FORCE visit .

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