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Whether you are a cancer survivor, person at high risk for cancer, health care provider or caregiver, this conference has something for you.


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I'm Not White, Can I Still Have a Mutation? by Dena Goldberg, MS, LCGC  & Erika Stallings, Esq
Hereditary Cancer Genetics, Risk and Management Q & A Panel with Judy Garber, MD; Bryson Katona, MD; and Heather Hampel, CGC
Your Legal Rights by Anya Prince, JD, MPP
Targeted Therapies and Immunotherapies Q & A Panel with Melinda Telli, MD; Ryan Kahn, MD; and Michael Hall, MD, MS
What's New in Prostate Cancer Treatment? by Heather Cheng, MD, PhD
Sharing Information with Children by Karen Hurley, PhD 
Black Men: Overcoming Prostate Cancer Disparities through Screening, Prevention and Genetics by Vabren Watts, PhD; David L. Beckley, PhD; Curtiland Deville, MD 
Join the #1 FORCE Community - Volunteer, Support or Advocate by Ruth Kucharz; Sandy Cohen; Diane Rose; Rebekah Wells 
Treatment Side Effects by Jennifer Klemp, PhD
Breast Reconstruction Overview by Joshua Levine, MD
Diet and Nutrition by Doris Piccinin, MS, RD, CDE, LDN
Breast Reconstruction Q & A Panel with Joshua Levine, MD; Constance Chen, MD; and Andrew Salzberg, MD
Going Flat After Mastectomy by Deanna Attai, MD
Biomarkers and Liquid Biopsies by Bodour Salhia, PhD
Complementary and Integrative Medicine by Diljeet Singh, MD, DrPH
In Our Voices: Asian American Experiences with Genetic Counseling for Hereditary Cancer by Liza Talusan, PhD; Grace Talusan; Mary Talusan Lacanlale; Gayun Chan Smutko, CGC
Menopause Q & A Panel with Ann Steiner, MD; Susan Domchek, MD; Amna Khan, MD; and Chrisandra Shufelt, MD
TALK BACK: Increasing Patient Engagement in Decision-Making by Vanessa Sheppard, PhD; Alejandra De Mendoza, PhD; Wanda Lucas, MBA
Sexuality Q & A Panel with Sharon Bober, PhD and Andrew Matthew, PhD
Closing Q & A Panel with Susan Domchek, MD; Matthew Yurgelun, MD; Karen Hurley, PhD; and Diljeet Singh, MD, DrPh