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FORCE’s eXamining the Relevance of Articles for Young Survivors (XRAYS) program is a reliable resource for breast cancer research-related news and information. XRAYS reviews new breast cancer research, provides plain-language summaries, and rates how the media covered the topic. XRAYS is funded by the CDC.

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STUDY: Do Vitamin B supplements alter breast cancer risk for women with BRCA mutations?

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Vitamins are an essential part of our diet. Vitamin supplements are often used to improve general health. This study explores how vitamin B supplements may affect breast cancer risk in women with BRCA mutations. (5/17/19)

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STUDY: Smart drug shows promising results for treatment of metastatic triple-negative breast cancer

We report results of an early-stage clinical trial of a new class of drugs for metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). IMMU-132 is an antibody-drug conjugate, meaning that it combines two different molecules: an antibody that targets certain proteins or tumor markers and delivers SN-38, a chemotherapy drug that can kill tumor cells. This study looks at whether IMMU-132 is safe and effective for treating metastatic TNBC. (4/16/19)

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STUDY: Breast surgeons recommend genetic testing for all breast cancer patients


The American Society of Breast Surgeons published statement on genetic testing for hereditary breast cancer on February 10, 2019. It includes recommendations about who should be tested. Among these is the recommendation that all breast cancer patients get genetic testing, as well as women who do not have breast cancer but fit the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines. (3/25/19)

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STUDY: Gaps in information about breast cancer risk and prevention impact African American women

A study showed that African American women experienced greater burdens in obtaining information at each step compared to white women. Racial differences in preventive choices correlated with differences in information and provider access. (3/14/19)

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STUDY: Prevalence of BRCA founder mutations in Bahamian women


Population-based testing for BRCA mutations can detect mutation carriers who do not have a family history of cancer. This study reviewed whether population-based testing is an effective approach in the Bahamas which has the highest known frequency of BRCA mutations among breast cancer patients. (3/4/19)

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STUDY: Breast cancer implant study suggests links with illness but has serious flaws


An article in the Annals of Surgery, researchers conclude that their work supports an association between silicone breast implants and a range of conditions. This journal article was accompanied by two editorials in which experts voiced their disagreement with the way the analysis was performed and the conclusions of the authors. (2/21/19)

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