New tool to predict breast cancer risk for Black women
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An important part of making decisions about breast cancer screening and prevention is knowing your breast cancer risk. Specific tools are used to identify people who would benefit from early and/or additional screening and chemoprevention or those who would most benefit from genetic counseling and testing. Because these tools were developed using data mostly from white women, they are unable to predict cancer risk as well for Black women. To begin to address these gaps, researchers developed a new tool specifically designed to predict breast cancer risk for Black women. This tool has been shown to work well, especially for younger Black women. (posted 3/22/2022) Este artículo está disponible en español.

Questions To Ask Your Health Care Provider

Questions to ask your healthcare provider

Open Clinical Trials

The following are breast cancer screening or prevention studies enrolling people at high risk for breast cancer.   

Additional risk-management clinical trials for people at high risk for breast cancer may be found here.


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