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FORCE's eXamining the Relevance of Articles for You (XRAY) program looks behind the headlines of cancer news to help you understand what the research means for you. XRAY is a reliable source of hereditary cancer research-related news and information.
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Keyword: Bahama

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Relevance: Medium-High

Strength of Science: Medium-Low

Study : Do hair dyes or straighteners increase breast cancer risk?

Most relevant for: Young women who use hair dye or straighteners

Many women use products to color or straighten their hair. A large U.S. study linked the use of permanent hair dye and straighteners to increased breast cancer risk, particularly among black women. This XRAY reviews the limitations of this study and highlights the need for additional research before accepting these conclusions. (1/29/20)

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Relevance: Medium-High

Strength of Science: Medium-High

Research Timeline: Post Approval

Study : Prevalence of BRCA founder mutations in Bahamian women

Most relevant for: Bahamanian women

The Bahamas has the highest known frequency of BRCA mutations among people diagnosed with breast cancer. This study reviewed whether population-based BRCA testing (testing everyone regardless of family or personal history of cancer) would be an effective approach for finding mutation carriers in the Bahamas. (3/4/19)

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