Do physicians recommend breast cancer screenings based on guidelines?
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Several guidelines help physicians decide when a woman should begin screening for breast cancer and how often she should be screened. However, are these guidelines put into use in the clinic? (8/8/17)

Expert Guidelines

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network breast screening guidelines recommend the following for women at average risk for breast cancer: 

Many other professional societies and organizations have breast cancer screening guidelines that differ slightly. They don't all agree on the age mammogram screening should start and how frequently they should be done. 

It is important to note, that all the groups support the opportunity for women ages 40 to 49 to decide it mammogram screening is right for them.

Questions To Ask Your Health Care Provider

Open Clinical Trials

The following are breast cancer screening or prevention studies enrolling people at high risk for breast cancer.   

Additional risk-management clinical trials for people at high risk for breast cancer may be found here.


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