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Confronting HBOC

Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Identify Your Risk, Understand Your Options, Change Your Destiny.

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Confronting HBOC

Confronting HBOC

Book coverConfronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Identify Your Risk, Understand Your Options, Change Your Destiny

By Sue Friedman, D.V.M., Rebecca Sutphen, M.D., and Kathy Steligo

If you are concerned that the cancer in your family is hereditary, you face difficult choices.

  • Should you have a blood test that may reveal whether you have a high likelihood of disease?
  • Do you preemptively treat a disease that may never develop?
  • How do you make decisions now that will affect the rest of your life?

Confronting hereditary cancer is a complex, confusing, and highly individual journey. With its unique combination of the latest research and expert advice about genetic counseling and testing, preventative surgery, fertility and family planning, and health insurance coverage information, as well as compelling personal stories, this book gives previvors, survivors, and their family members the guidance they need to face the unique challenges of hereditary cancer.

The tone of the book is an extraordinary combination of indisputably authoritative and insightful information, presented in a voice that is calm, clear, direct, balanced, realistic, and yet optimistic.

Mark Greene, M.D.
Chief, Clinical Genetics Branch
National Cancer Institute

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