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New Film Suggests the Breast Cancer Ribbon Should be Pink and Blue

by Sandra Cohen

Pink & BlueBreast cancer is not only a woman's disease. It affects men as well, especially men who have a genetic mutation in the BRCA1 or 2 genes. FORCE is excited that Pink & Blue, the new documentary directed by Alan Blassberg and produced by Amy Shainman, helps to educate and raise awareness about BRCA mutations and male breast cancer. Media coverage of the mutation is increasing, but not so much on how it affects men. Pink & Blue changes this by sharing inspirational stories of men, women and families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, along with facts from renowned doctors in the field.

In the film, Blassberg shares his sister's journey with breast cancer, and his own navigation through screenings and discussions about his risk. He highlights how the screening process needs to adapt to accept men as patients into the breast cancer world, and to help men cope with this disease in a more masculine way. Men are already uncomfortable talking about breast cancer, and there's a real need to make a change. Blassberg is hoping to start that conversation with this film and include blue into the breast cancer equation.

Fun fact: The Pink & Blue team filmed at our 2014 Joining FORCEs Conference, and many FORCE members can be spotted throughout the documentary. The film also features stories about two of our volunteers: Detroit Peer Support Group Leader, Marla Ruhana, and our Michigan Community Liaison Molly Smith.

Stay tuned to learn when the film is coming to a screen near you.

Sandra Cohen is Senior Vice President of Volunteer Programs at FORCE.


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