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by Sue Friedman

Heroes logoFORCE serves any person of any age who faces hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity, gratitude, and kindness of our members, the healthcare community, and our friends and family to keep our lights on.

As our impact and reach grows exponentially, we are making progress in hereditary cancer awareness, policy, and research. But for the first time in our 14+ years of service, 2013 brings a funding shortfall for our already-shoestring budget, and demand for our programs now outpaces our financial growth. So here we are, hat in hand. We try not to ask for much, but we do now ask that you take a few minutes to read this short plea and consider becoming a FORCE Hero by giving a mere 50 minutes of your time or contributing $50 to any of our nearly 70 members who have joined our Hero program.

We are here for you, but we are also here because of you. Now we need your help.

Take a moment and remember when you first encountered FORCE. Now imagine if FORCE wasn't there when you needed it. Our efforts that provide awareness, advocacy, education, and action lead to longer lives for those at increased risk for breast, ovarian, and other inherited cancers. But lack of funding is now jeopardizing our programs. Please be a hero for FORCE, and help us to continue helping others.



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