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by Sue Friedman

Between our 7th annual conference, a new Show & Tell photo book, HBOC week, and several promising new collaborations and initiatives, 2012 has so far been a busy year.

In the midst of all that is going on, the good news is that we have an abundance of news, research, and resources to share. The bad news is that we can't fit it all into a single newsletter. Sign up to make sure you receive all of our electronic updates.

This issue focuses on the latest research of interest to our community. We bring you a review of hereditary cancer highlights from the 2012 ASCO conference, new information linking diet and exercise to survival, and an important test for ovarian cancer risk in people who test negative for BRCA. If you've ever wondered how to dig up facts about your ancestors to understand how their medical history affects you and your family, you won't want to miss Jennifer Davis' excellent Voices of FORCE article. I'm sure you'll find the story of how her family traced their mutation using genealogy tools to be both interesting and educational. Jennifer, a FORCE volunteer in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, shared additional information about genealogy at the Joining FORCEs conference.

Be empowered and be well.


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