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Surgical Removal of Ovaries & Tubes

Learn about the steps that people at high risk for cancer can take to manage their risk and protect their health.

Salpingectomy research

Before experts can recommend " interval salpingectomy"—removing the fallopian tubes and leaving the ovaries intact until after natural menopause—more research is needed on the safety, efficacy, and acceptability of this procedure for high-risk women.

FORCE conducted an online survey of 204 premenopausal women with BRCA mutations who had neither ovarian cancer or a risk-reducing removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries (salpingo-oophorectomy). Thirty-four percent of women surveyed said they would definitely be interested in a study of salpingectomy; approximately 83% of these women cited the possibility of reducing ovarian cancer risk without menopause as their motivation to participate. On the other hand, approximately 30% of women said they would not be interested in such a study, citing concerns about surgical complications, the possibility of ovarian damage, and potential cost. These findings suggest that there would be enough patient interest in the HBOC community to begin a clinical trial of risk-reducing salpingectomy. The survey results were presented as a poster at the annual conference for the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists and published in 2015.

Researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston have opened up a clinical trial for women who are interested in salpingectomy surgery. The multi-institution WISP (Women Choosing Surgical Prevention) is now open and recruiting patients through a Stand Up to Cancer grant.

For women who have had salpingectomy, FORCE and the University of Washington have organized a salpingectomy research registry to follow outcomes on women who have undergone this procedure.

Updated 12/29/16

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