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No one should face hereditary cancer alone.

Thinking about cancer or dealing with cancer risk can be scary or overwhelming, but we believe that receiving information and resources is comforting, empowering, and lifesaving.

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Breast Cancer

Learn about the specific risks for cancers associated with HBOC.

Related Force Information

Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
This FORCE-endorsed book was written by founder and Executive Director Sue Friedman; geneticist Rebecca Sutphen, MD; and health writer, Kathy Steligo. This book is a comprehensive resource on all topics related to hereditary cancer, genetic testing, and risk-management.

Noncarriers in BRCA1/BRCA2 families do not have increased risk of breast cancer
Article on research from 2011 indicating that women who test "true negative" (they didn't inherit the BRCA mutation in their family) do not have elevated risk for breast cancer.

Women with HBOC are diagnosed with cancer earlier than their mothers and grandmothers
Article on research from 2011 indicating that women with BRCA mutations are diagnosed younger than women in prior generations.

Empowered with Exercise
Fall 2005 FORCE newsletter article about the link between exercise and cancer risk

Diet and Other Lifestyle Factors in Hereditary Cancers
Fall 2006 FORCE newsletter article summarizing Dr. Nagi Kumar’s presentation at our 2006 conference on the effects of diet and lifestyle on hereditary cancer and risk.

Modifiers of Risk
Summer 2006 FORCE newsletter article summarizing Dr. Narod’s presentation at our 2006 conference on factors that may modify risk for cancer for BRCA mutation carriers.

Other Genes Can Modify BRCA Breast Cancer Risk
Summer 2008 FORCE newsletter article on research discovery of gene variations that can affect the risk for breast cancer in women with BRCA mutations

Exercise, obesity, and cancer prevention: An update
Free webinar by Dr. Kathryn Schmitz on exercise to lower cancer risk in high-risk women.

Updates in Hereditary Cancer Research
This webcast from Dr. Narod's session at our 2011 annual conference discusses risk for a second breast cancer in breast cancer survivors with BRCA mutations.

Diet and Other Lifestyle Factors
Webcast from 2011 conference presented by Nagi Kumar, PhD on dietary and nutritional factors that may affect cancer risk in mutation carriers.

BRCA in Men
Webcast from 2010 conference session presented by Mary Daly, MD on cancer risks and detection in men with mutations.


Management of Patients at High-Risk for Breast Cancer
by Victor G. Vogel, MD

Other Websites

National Comprehensive Cancer Network
This consortium of experts in the field of oncology publishes a consensus guides for various aspects of risk management for high-risk women.

WISER Sister Study
The WISER Sister project is a five year study for women at elevated risk of developing breast cancer. This study will examine the effect exercise has on estrogen levels. The website has information about exercise and risk and how to participate in the study.
A comprehensive website for information, resources, and support for breast cancer survivors.

Malecare provides information on prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male breast cancer and on the sexual side effects of cancer treatment.

John W. Nick Foundation
The organization is dedicated to male breast cancer awareness.

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