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PARP Inhibitor Therapy

Learn how genetic test results may affect medical decisions about cancer treatment.”

Niraparib in Ovarian Cancer

Niraparib is a PARP inhibitor that is being studied for treatment of ovarian cancer in women with and without a BRCA mutation. 

Phase 1 clinical trial data presented at the 2013 ASCO meeting showed that the PARP inhibitor niraparib is active against breast cancer and high-grade ovarian cancer. 

A phase II clinical trial called QUADRA is currently enrolling patients.  QUADRA is a study for women with advanced, relapsed, high-grade serous epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer who have received at least 3 previous chemotherapy regimens (which may have included a PARP inhibitor). The study will evaluate the antitumor activity of niraparib (an oral PARP inhibitor).  Women with and without germline BRCA mutations can participate, and testing will be done as part of the study. All participants will receive niraparib.  

Updated 12/27/16

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