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Phase I of BKM120/Olaparib for Triple Negative Breast Cancer or High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

Study identifier: NCT01623349
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Name of PARP Inhibitor used in study:

Olaparib (AstraZeneca)


  • Recurrent ovarian Cancer (high grade serous carcinoma). Prior therapy must have included platinum-based drug.
  • Metastatic triple negative breast cancer, and at least 1 chemotherapy regimen for metastatic breast cancer or developed metastatic breast cancer within 1 year of completion of adjuvant chemotherapy,

Type of study:

Phase I study


Escalating doses of oral olaparib twice daily and oral BKM120 (an oral PI3 Kinase inhibitor) once daily

Study sites:

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Contact: Brian Lasonde 617-632-3743
Contact: Christin Whalen, RN 617-582-7738

Massachusetts General Hospital
Contact: Meghan Comeau 617-726-0491

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Contact: Kathryn Componeschi
Contact: Robert Shaw 617-667-5987

New York
New York
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Contact: Sara Kravetz 646-888-4423

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Contact: Michael Garcia, RN 713-794-1421

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