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As the only national nonprofit advocacy organization focused on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, FORCE has a strong commitment to promoting research.

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Research Surveys

FORCE conducts surveys and partners with researchers who conduct surveys to better understand and address the needs of our community. By participating in surveys for which you are eligible, you help promote and advance hereditary breast and ovarian cancer research.

Please take a moment to view the open surveys below, and consider participating if you are eligible.

Family Risk Communication Survey

Please take this survey to help us better understand how people share inherited cancer risk information with relatives. This survey is open to anyone who has undergone genetic counseling or testing for a gene that increases cancer risk.

Survey on Mastectomy for Treatment or Reduction of Breast Cancer Risk

The goal of this survey is to collect information about women’s preferences and decisions with regards to mastectomy as an option to treat breast cancer and/or manage breast cancer risk.
This survey is open to women who have had breast cancer or who are at increased risk of breast cancer due to a family history of cancer or a cancer-causing gene mutation.

Decisions Surrounding Risk-Reducing Removal of Ovaries and Menopause Management

Please take this survey to heulp us understand women’s preferences and decisions with regards to hormone replacement after ovary removal.

BRCA and Uterine Cancer Risk Survey

Please take this quick survey (it takes about 10 minutes). and share your thoughts on research on uterine cancer risk in BRCA mutation carriers! This survey is a tool of the ABOUT Network led by FORCE. The goals of the ABOUT Network are to collect and measure real-life experiences, questions, decisions, and health outcomes of people like you who are concerned about or living with a cancer-causing mutation or hereditary cancer risk.

Survey for High-risk Women Undergoing Breast Surveillance

Women who are at high risk for breast cancer are recommended to undergo increased breast surveillance. Women who elect screening for risk-management have unique needs for support, resources and information. The purpose of this survey is to better understand and characterize the needs of this section of our community.

This survey will help us improve care and information for women undergoing heightened screening for breast cancer. Once completed, the results of this survey will be shared with the FORCE community.

Take the Survey on Support, Education, and Resource Needs for High-risk Women Undergoing Breast Surveillance

Survey for Women with Metastatic Hereditary Cancer

There is a need for more treatment options for hereditary cancer, and the need is dire for women with metastatic hereditary breast cancer who make up a small subset of the larger breast cancer population. To better understand the nature of hereditary breast cancer and to advocate for more research and better treatment options, FORCE is conducting a brief survey for women who have received a diagnosis of metastatic hereditary breast cancer. This survey is open to women who:

  • have a BRCA mutation or breast cancer runs in their family
  • have been diagnosed with stage IV (metastatic) breast cancer

Participants who provide contact information at the end of the survey will receive updates about new research, information and programs for women with metastatic hereditary breast cancer.

Take the Metastatic Hereditary Breast Cancer Survey

Men with BRCA Mutations: Needs Assessment and Research Feasibility

To better understand the needs of high-risk men, FORCE is conducting a survey and developing a contact registry for men with BRCA mutations or their relatives.

We encourage individuals who meet the following criteria to complete the survey:

  • Men from families with strong history of cancer but no known mutation.
  • Men who have tested for a BRCA mutation.
  • Men from families that have a known BRCA mutation (whether or not they have had testing).
  • Women from families with a BRCA mutation

Participants who register for the contact registry at the end of the survey will receive updates about new research, information and programs for men with BRCA mutations.

Update: Preliminary results of this survey have been published in the journal Familial Cancer.

Take the Men With BRCA Mutations Survey


Learn about the latest breakthroughs in research and our ABOUT Network.

Featured Research

With input from our Scientific Advisory Board, FORCE critically evaluates new research articles on topics of interest to our community and makes the science understandable and accessible to our community.

Join the ABOUT Network

The goal of the ABOUT network is to enroll as many Americans with HBOC risk as possible into our research registry and to collect information and real world health care experiences that can be used along with information from medical records to improve care for people with HBOC.

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