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Participating in research allows people to contribute to medical knowledge and offers the opportunity to receive cutting-edge care.

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Participating in Research

I believe that the clinical trial I was in for my stage III breast cancer saved my life.

Heather Clark,
FORCE Outreach Coordinator and Breast Cancer Survivor

Every day, people facing HBOC search for answers to questions about their cancer risk, the measures they can take to manage that risk, and the potential consequences of different options. We need more research to answer these questions, but that research will not happen if families who face HBOC do not participate. You can help accelerate research by participating in clinical research studies.

At any given time many ongoing studies are recruiting participants. Each study has specific eligibility requirements. Some require healthy participants, while others require patients with specific health conditions or genetic mutations. Living near a major medical center is sometimes required, although some studies recruit patients from all areas of the country.

To find out which clinical studies you might be eligible to participate in, please see our Studies Enrolling Patients page.

Learn about the latest breakthroughs in research and our ABOUT Network.

Featured Research

With input from our Scientific Advisory Board, FORCE critically evaluates new research articles on topics of interest to our community and makes the science understandable and accessible to our community.

Join the ABOUT Network

The goal of the ABOUT network is to enroll as many Americans with HBOC risk as possible into our research registry and to collect information and real world health care experiences that can be used along with information from medical records to improve care for people with HBOC.

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