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FORCE is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. We believe no one should have to face hereditary breast and ovarian cancer alone.

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Board of Directors & Advisory Board

Board of Directors

Members of FORCE’s board of directors have been personally affected by hereditary cancer or cancer risk, or have a strong interest in reaching out to others whose families have been devastated by this disease. Our board members are dedicated to helping the high-risk community deal with the issues which accompany this risk – cancer fears, medical issues, privacy issues, psychosocial issues, and family dynamics – by becoming involved in community forums; assisting with website design and content; preparing position statements, press releases, and fact sheets; attending conferences; and assisting in outreach, advocacy, support, and fundraising.

Board of Directors

Amy Boesky

William F. Burke, Jr.

Rebecca Carr

Carrie Catlin

Tara Freundlich

Sue Friedman




Judy Garber, MD

Cherine Janzen

Cathy Jolly

Barbara Pfeiffer

Rebecca Sutphen, MD

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is composed of health care experts who volunteer their time to assure the information we provide to our community is credible and up to date. Our advisory board members review the content available on our website, our publications, and in FORCE positions.

FORCE continues to add members to its health care advisory board.

Monica Alvarado, MS, CGC
Genetics Services Regional Administrator
Kaiser Permanente
Los Angeles, CA
(Genetic Counseling)

William Audeh, MD
Medical Director, Wassererman
Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Program
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA
(Medical Oncology)

Rachel Brem, MD
Director of Breast Imaging & Intervention
George Washington University Department of Radiology
Washington, DC

Robert Allen Burger, MD
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Division of Gynecologic Oncology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
(Gynecologic Oncology)

Susan Domchek, MD
Executive Director, Basser Research Center for BRCA
Director, MacDonald Women's Cancer Risk Evaluation Center
Basser Professor in Oncology, University of Pennsylvania
(Medical Oncology)

Debra Duquette, CGC
Genomics Coordinator
Michigan Dept of Community Health
Lansing, MI

James Ford, MD
Director, Stanford Clinical Cancer Genetics Program
Stanford Cancer Center
Palo Alto, CA
(Cancer Genetics)

Judy E. Garber, MD, MPH
Director, Cancer Risk and Prevention Program
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, MA
(Oncology and Clinical Genetics)

Karen Hurley, PhD
New York, NY
(Clinical Psychology)

Noah D. Kauff, MD
Director, Ovarian Cancer Screening and Prevention, Gynecology Service, Department of Surgery
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY
(Clinical Genetics)

Andrew Kaunitz, MD
Associate Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Florida, College of Medicine, Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL

Jennifer R. Klemp, PhD, MPH
Risk Assessment Counselor and Program Manager of the Breast Cancer Survivorship Center
University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas City, Kansas
(Cancer Risk Assessment Counseling)

Allison W. Kurian, MD, MSc
Assistant Professor of Medicine and of Health Research and Policy
Divisions of Oncology and Epidemiology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, CA
(Medical Oncology)

Christine Laronga, MD
Program Leader, Comprehensive Breast Program
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute
Tampa, FL
(Breast surgery)

Douglas Levine, MD
Associate Attending Surgeon
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY

Updated 01/04/15

Joshua Levine, MD
The Center for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction
New York, NY
(Breast Reconstruction)

Jennifer Keating Litton, MD
Associate Professor
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX
(Medical Oncology)

Ellen Matloff, MS
President and CEO
My Gene Counsel
(Genetic Counseling)

Kenneth Offit, MD
Chief, Clinical Genetics Service
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY
(Medical Oncology)

Anya Prince, JD, MPP
University of Chapel Hill - North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC
(Legal and Insurance Issues)

Jana Pruski-Clark, CGC
Vice President, Cancer Genetics Services
Roseville, CA
(Genetic Counseling)

Timothy R. Rebbeck, PhD
Leader, Cancer Center Genetics, Epidemiology and Risk Reduction Program
Abramson Cancer Center
Philadelphia, PA
(Epidemiology )

BJ Rimel, MD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

Victoria Seewaldt, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology
Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center
Durham, NC
(Medical Oncology)

Leigha Senter-Jamieson, CGC
Associate Professor
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
(Genetic Counseling)

Diljeet Singh, MD DrPh
Mid-Atlantic Permanante Medical Group
Washington, DC
(Gynecology/Oncology, Integrative Medicine)

Rebecca Sutphen, MD
Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Oncologic Sciences
College of Medicine
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida
(Clinical Genetics)

Elizabeth Swisher, MD
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Medical Director, Breast and Ovarian Cancer Prevention Program
University of Washington School of Medicine
Seattle, WA

Melinda Telli, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Stanford University
Division of Medical Oncology
Stanford, CA
(Medical Oncology)

Kenneth Tercyak, PhD
Associate Professor
Director of Behavioral Prevention Research
Georgetown University Medical Center
Lombardi Cancer Center
Washington, DC

FORCE makes a difference in the lives of families living with HBOC.

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FORCE advocates for families facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in areas such as access to care, research funding, insurance, and privacy.

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FORCE meets the information and resource needs of our community through our many programs.

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