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Fighting hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
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Surgical Removal of Ovaries & Tubes

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Can removing the fallopian tubes lower ovarian cancer risk?
2013 webinar by Drs. Doug Levine from Memorial Sloan Kettering and Ilana Cass from Cedar-Sinai Medical Center on whether removal of the fallopian tubes can lower the risk for ovarian cancer.

Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
This FORCE-endorsed book was written by founder and Executive Director Sue Friedman; geneticist Rebecca Sutphen, MD; and health writer, Kathy Steligo. This book is a comprehensive resource on all topics related to hereditary cancer, genetic testing, and risk-management.

Patient Experience Contact Tool
The Patient Experience Contact Tool is a searchable database of surgeons and related health-care providers that have been used by members of our community. The tool is provided to allow patients to connect one to one and share their experiences about their experiences.

GOG-0199: The National Ovarian Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Study
Article from Spring 2012 Joining FORCEs Newsletter with updates on the research from GOG-199, a large, multicenter study on ovarian cancer detection and prevention.

Does ovarian cancer start in the fallopian tubes? How does this affect screening and prevention?
2011 Webinar. Dr. Kauff discusses the latest research and expert opinions on whether most hereditary ovarian cancer begins in the fallopian tubes and approaches to ovarian cancer screening based on these findings

Risk Reducing Surgery Lowers Likelihood of Breast and Ovarian Cancer; Decreases Mortality of BRCA and BRCA Mutation Carriers
Spring 2011 Newsletter article on research that links prophylactic BSO to lower mortality in BRCA mutation carriers.

What is Pelvic Health Rehabilitation?
Fall 2012 newsletter article on how pelvic health rehabilitation can help with post-oophorectomy recovery and side effects from surgical menopause.

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