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Ovarian Cancer Survivors

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BRCA1 Functions as a Differential Modulator of Chemotherapy-induced Apoptosis
Jennifer E. Quinn, Richard D. Kennedy, Paul B. Mullan, Paula M. Gilmore, Michael Carty, Patrick G. Johnston and D. Paul Harkin. Cancer Research. Volume 63: p. 6221-6228, October 2003.

Improved survival in women with BRCA-associated ovarian carcinoma
Ilana Cass, M.D., Rae Lynn Baldwin, Ph.D., Taz Varkey, M.D., Roxana Moslehi, Ph.D., Steven A. Narod, M.D., Beth Y. Karlan, M.D. Cancer. Volume 97, Issue 9: p. 2187-2195, April 2003.

Effect of BRCA Mutations on the Length of Survival in Epithelial Ovarian Tumors
Y. Ben David, A. Chetrit, G. Hirsh-Yechezkel, E. Friedman, B.D. Beck, U. Beller, G. Ben-Baruch, A. Fishman, H. Levavi, F. Lubin, J. Menczer, B. Piura, J.P. Struewing, B. Modan. Journal of Clinical Oncology. Volume 20, Issue 2: p. 463-466, January, 2002.

BRCA germline mutations in Jewish women with uterine serous papillary carcinoma
Ofer Lavie, Gila Hornreich, Alon Ben-Arie, Gad Rennert, Yoram Cohen, Rehuven Keidar, Shlomi Sagi, Efrat Levy Lahad, Ron Auslander and Uzi Beller. Gynecologic Oncology, Volume 92, Number 2: p. 521-524, February 2004.

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