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Genetic Testing

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New Tools Help with Uncertain or Negative BRCA Results
Article in Spring 2014 Joining FORCEs Newsletter about advances in genetic testing which can find more mutations that lead to cancer in families.

Using Multiple-Gene Panels for Medical Decisions
Article in Spring 2014 Joining FORCEs Newsletter about new genetic tests for multiple genes.

BROCA Test for Ovarian Cancer Risk
Article in Fall 2012 Joining FORCEs Newsletter about new test for ovarian cancer risk in BRCA-negative families.

Are Women Who Test True Negative for BRCA at Increased Risk of Cancer
Article in Spring 2014 Joining FORCEs Newsletter reviews the research on risk for cancer in women who test negative for a family BRCA mutation.

Genetic Mutation Database
Our genetic mutation database can help people search for a particular mutation and connect with others who have the same mutation. Use the Mutation Search Form to search by mutation, or ethnicity.

Noncarriers in BRCA1/BRCA2 families do not have increased risk of breast cancer
Article on research from 2011 indicating that women who test "true negative" (they didn't inherit the BRCA mutation in their family) do not have elevated risk for breast cancer.

Genetics 101 Webinar
Is the cancer in your family hereditary? Dr. Sutphen reviews the different types of hereditary syndromes and mutations that can lead to cancer within a family; the types of genetic tests available for these syndromes; cancer risks associated with different hereditary syndromes; why hereditary cancers are different from sporadic cancers, and how hereditary cancers develop.

BRCA Testing: When Negative Results May Still Mean High Risk
Fall 2006 FORCE newsletter article on inconclusive negative BRCA test results

Phenocopy Hypothesis
Spring 2007 FORCE newsletter article on controversial hypothesis that women who test “true negative” for a BRCA mutation may still be at higher risk than average for breast cancer

Prevalence of BRCA Mutations Underestimated in Asian American Women
Winter 2009 article with personal account and results from research on prevalence of BRCA in Asian women

Surviving Breast Cancer: African-American Women and the Importance of Genetic Testing
Fall 2005 FORCE newsletter article about genetic counseling and testing for African-American women

Testing BRCA Negative: Could it be Cowden Syndrome?
Spring 2008 FORCE newsletter article on Cowden Syndrome, a hereditary cancer syndrome with increased risk for breast cancer.

Genetic Testing Research for BRCA-Negative Families with Ovarian Cancer
Article in Fall 2012 Joining FORCEs Newsletter about research for families with ovarian cancer but no known mutation.

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