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The Shower Shirt

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The “Use it Now, Wear it Later” SHOWER SHIRT, ™ is the first and only water-resistant product to protect mastectomy patients post-surgery, and before surgical drains are removed.  The product is a water-resistant garment which shields drain sites, surgical incisions, and drain portals while showering; while also supporting the weight of the surgical drains. 

Created by a breast cancer survivor, the idea for the product came after being told by her physician that she couldn’t shower until her surgical drains were removed (two to three weeks) because getting the drain sites wet could cause an increased chance for infection.  Frustrated after realizing there were no water resistant products to protect her, and after being reduced to a trash bag for protection, she created the first shower shirt prototype out of a beauty salon cape.  Her focus in creating the product is to help the hundred of thousands of future breast cancer patient’s get through the recovery process without having to utilize a trash bag for protection.  Her sentiment is that if a patient can take a shower, they will feel better physically, therefore, feel better emotionally and psychologically, something that is needed after breast cancer diagnoses and mastectomy.

The Shower Shirt product is to be ‘used’ for clinical purposes post-mastectomy, and can be ‘worn’ as a water-resistant wind breaker for years to come.  It’s a quality shirt/jacket with unlimited shelf life. 

Benefit to FORCE

An $8.50 donation will be made for every shirt sold. Enter FORCE at checkout.

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The Shower Shirt

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