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Temporary Nipple Tattoos

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Rub-On Nipples®
U.S. Patent Approved

After her PBM, Elizabeth Vivenzio invented Rub-On Nipples®, which are temporary areola tattoos that look amazingly similar to permanent 3D nipple/areola tattoos. The tattoos can last one to two weeks and are easily removed with rubbing alcohol.  Now U.S. Patent Approved, this life-changing product provides options for women who:

  • are going through breast reconstruction and are not yet ready for permanent areola pigmentation (most commonly called nipple tattoos).
    The size and shape of the breast mound must be finalized before placement of a nipple tattoo can be accurately determined. This reconstructive process can take years for many women, especially when breast revisions are needed.
  • do not plan areola/nipple reconstruction.
    Many women stop short of fully completing reconstruction because they are weary of procedures, leery of the tattoo process or just so exhausted from their journey.
  • are considering permanent areola pigmentation.
    Rub-On Nipples® serve as a practice tool for color and placement, making it easier to move forward with the decision to get permanent tattoos.

For those of you with bare mounds, a visual focal point can make a world of difference. Read the user reviews on the Rub-On Nipples® web site for glowing and heartwarming testimonials describing the empowerment of this mastectomy product.

Order Rub-On Nipples® and see for yourself how different it feels to adorn those bare mounds! You owe it to yourself after all you have been through!

Rub-On Niipples Color Palette

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Temporary Nipple Tattoos

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