This Mother’s Day honor your mother or any woman who is special in your life. Thanks Mom!
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In Loving Memory of Mommy

You were the best!

You were the Best Mom, Wife, Friend, Confidant who exuded the most unconditional love for all of humankind. Our whole family misses you every single day. Dad, Brian, Christopher and I miss you so very much. You were the glue that kept our family so solid. The homemaker, the professional, the peacemaker. Everyone who knew you had their lives enhanced. You helped so many with your positive attitude and calm manner. Your Lasagna was the best in town. You were an amazing seemstress, cook, baker - you had many talents, including dancing. You were so Graceful and Loving. Unconditional Love. I wish my children and all of their cousins could have met you. You were taken so young. You had so much life left but God wanted you for his Angel, I believe. My children and all of your grandchildren that you were patiently waiting for all will know you through our loving testimonies. I now know that you had BRCA2 and I do too. I am thankful to have this knowledge at age 42 and will take this commitment in trying to find a cure for all hereditary cancers and make this world a better place - for which you have Inspired and I Honor You. Happy Mother's Day, to my beautiful, loving, Dear Mother.

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