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Liana MaggidFORCE Mitzvah Team Member

Liana Maggid, September 8, 2012

"My Bat Mitzvah project supports FORCE, an organization for women and families whose family medical history might put them at risk for breast and ovarian cancer.  I want to share knowledge and spread awareness of FORCE and hereditary cancer with the members of my synagogue, Temple Menorah in Redondo Beach, CA.  I have shared with members of my synagogue that one in forty Ashkenazi Jews carries a BRCA mutation that puts them at high risk for breast or ovarian cancer and that this mutation can be passed down to your children.  This is important information to share with our community.

"In order to raise money for FORCE, I will be selling coffee and baked goods before Camp Menorah July 12-18 and July 23 – August 20th.  This will help raise money for FORCE but will also share important information with all the parents bringing their children to camp. "