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Joanna Kramer, Bat Mitzvah:  May 19, 2012

Joanna Kramer"I was 9 years old when I learned my mom had the gene mutation that caused breast and ovarian cancer.   I was 9 years old when she decided to have a mastectomy and hysterectomy so that she could reduce her chances of getting cancer.  And, I was 9 years old when I first heard the name FORCE mentioned in our house.  Now, I hear FORCE mentioned all of the time and so there was never any question in my mind when it came time to select my Bat Mitzvah project that I wanted to give back to FORCE for all of the information and support they have given to my mom and my family. 

Joanna Kramer promoting FORCE"For my Mitzvah project I am selling notecards, bookmarks and magnets and giving the money to FORCE  I am also participating, with my mom, in our synagogue’s annual Men’s Club Health Fair where we will have a booth and educate people on the warning signs of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  And, I will speak about FORCE in the speech I give on my Bat Mitzvah day.  I hope that my efforts will give the gift of life – and the gift of FORCE – to others who may need to learn about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer."