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Emmie and Sam Cohen, B’nai Mitzvah:  June 15, 2013

Emmie & Sam Cohen"We chose FORCE for our Mitzvah project because FORCE has been a huge part of our lives as far back as we can remember.  We know that our mom is at risk for breast cancer, the disease that took the lives of our Bubbie Essie and Grandmother Sophie before we were born.  When we were in kindergarten, our Mom told us that she was going to do something to help make sure she would not get breast cancer. It was FORCE that helped our mom figure out what to do and now we want to help FORCE and other families feel as lucky as we do.  

"We want to make a difference in our Jewish community and educate others who might have the same genetic mutation that our mom has.  We enjoy handing out FORCE brochures, raising money by selling t-shirts, doing tzedakah projects at school and getting our running club to support FORCE.  It feels good knowing that we can make a change.  There are also many benefits to helping FORCE.  For instance, Good Morning America interviewed us at home to share our family’s story and we were able to go on the Philadelphia Union soccer team’s field and their big fan vision screen to promote FORCE.   We have met wonderful new friends through FORCE and have shared life-saving information with so many people.  Please join us and spread the word in the Jewish community and help other families!"