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Fighting hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
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FORCE – a meaningful Mitzvah project

Raise Awareness of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer and Support FORCE

Jewish boys and girls around the country are teaming up to make a difference and we hope you will join them by selecting FORCE as your Bar/Bat Mitzvah project. The goal is to educate the Jewish community about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and help save lives.   There is no better way to celebrate your Mitzvah!

Why is this cause so important? 

Jewish IconBecause 1 in 40 Ashkenazi Jewish people are affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  That is more than any other ethnic population!  Melanoma, prostate and pancreatic cancers occur at higher rates in the Jewish population, too. 

By choosing FORCE as your Bar/Bat Mitzvah project you will be providing life-saving information to those who need it most and you will be raising funds to ensure that others are provided the education and support they need.  For more information on how hereditary breast and ovarian cancer affects the Jewish Community and to see a short video that shares personal stories, please see our Jewish Awareness page.

All FORCE Mitzvah students' photos and stories can be shared on our Mitzvah Team page.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Kramer by email or call her at 301-509-4155.

What is a FORCE Mitzvah Project?

A FORCE Mitzvah project is a way to give back to the Jewish community.  We help make it easy by sending you a Project Starter Kit (details on the sign-up page).  Your project can consist of two parts:  Tzedakah and Spreading Awareness about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  Below are suggestions for both; you choose what works for you.

Tzedakah Suggestions – Making a donation to FORCE can be accomplished in numerous ways:

  • Give FORCE jelly bracelets, pens and brochures (FORCE will send you) to friends and family in exchange for a donation. Ask your Rabbi or Hazzan if you can provide information and promote FORCE at congregation events, such as a Hanukkah party or Purim Carnival.
  • Create a FirstGiving donation page, conduct an email or phone campaign, and ask friends and family to make a donation.   (FirstGiving instructions.)
  • Create your own fundraiser.  Some suggestions include selling FORCE Tiny T-Shirts; selling car magnets or an item of your choice; planning a yard sale, car wash, synagogue bake sale; etc.
  • Make a personal donation.  Many Bar/Bat Mitzvah students choose to donate a percentage of their mitzvah gifts to FORCE.

Spreading Awareness Suggestions – Sharing life-saving information about hereditary cancer can be accomplished in many ways, and can be done in conjunction with your synagogue.  We suggest talking with your Rabbi, Hazzan or religious school teacher to decide what activity may be appropriate.  Some suggestions include:

  • Participate in a Men’s Club or Sisterhood Event.  Sample activities may include health fairs, group discussions, breakfast or dessert get-togethers, etc.  Most would be willing to work with you to create a time where you could share this important information with members.
  • Give a Short Service Speech.  Many Bar/Bat Mitzvah students incorporate information about FORCE and hereditary breast and ovarian cancer information into their Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech.
  • Write an article for your synagogue newsletter or local paper sharing information about FORCE, hereditary cancer, and what you are doing to help educate others.

Disclaimer: Health links are made available for educational purposes only. This information should not be interpreted as medical advice. All health information should be discussed with your health care provider. Please read our full disclaimer for more information.

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