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Rosemary Ciotti

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Rosemary Ciotti

Three years ago, after finding out that her husband and daughter are BRCA+, Rosemary Ciotti found FORCE and was impressed by the credible information and expertise provided. The combination of support for genetic research as well and the dissemination of medically relevant information for those who are at increased risk for cancer drove her to become a FORCE volunteer. Rosemary completed the FORCE Research Advocate Training (FRAT) Program and currently serves as a FORCE liaison to the Society of Molecular Medicine and Medical Imaging (SNMMI) where she represents the interests of the HBOC community and recently spearheaded a successful patient education day in San Diego, CA during the 2016 SNMMI annual conference. Rosemary has a master’s degree in nursing and is a nurse practitioner. Her passion has always been ensuring that health care is available to marginalized populations whether they are people who are poor, disabled etc. Before becoming disabled she spent 20 years providing breast and cervical cancer screenings to underserved communities in PA and NJ.


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