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Genetic Counselors and Staff at St. Joseph Hospital Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Genetic Counselors and Staff at St. Joseph Hospital Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

At St. Joseph Hospital, our guiding purpose is to care for and serve our dear neighbors. For our Cancer Genetics Program, our dearest neighbors are our families who are facing inherited cancer risks. As clinicians, our goals are to provide accurate risk assessment, to recommend individualized risk reduction and cancer prevention strategies and to support empowerment through awareness. Given FORCE’s excellent history and unwavering delivery of the highest quality support resources as well as the most effective awareness, diversity, and advocacy programs, we are proud to be the Orange County FORCE expert affiliates.

Beyond the clinic, volunteering for FORCE helps us to get to know our dearest community on a deeper, more personal, and meaningful way. At our FORCE support meetings, we are inspired by the candor, strength and compassion that is shared. No matter where on their own life’s journey, each member strengthens and is supported by the resilience, wisdom, and knowing sympathy of the group. We are grateful that we are not only able to provide educational programming but also that we are able to provide a safe and secure environment where members can honestly reveal themselves and share their experiences, joys and fears.

As cancer genetic counselors, we begin our relationships as genetics experts and educators; further, as FORCE Outreach Leader volunteers, we are blessed to become humbled and inspired by witnessing and being a part of the very best of human dignity, kindness, community and love. 

In Gratitude,

The Cancer Genetics Program at St. Joseph Hospital’s Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Photo (from left to right): Erica Kim (OC FORCE Coordinator, Genetics Assistant); Kate Partynski (Genetic Counselor); Dr. David Margileth (Program Medical Director); Sandra Brown (Program Manager, Genetic Counselor); Carol Ko (Genetic Counselor); Chelsea Mai (Champion Schedule Wrangler, Genetics Assistant) and Susy Malca (Genetic Counselor). 

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