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Join TeamFORCE — Raise Money, Raise Awareness

TeamFORCE is a community dedicated to taking action against hereditary breast and ovarian cancer through fundraising.


FORCE needs support to run the country's only comprehensive HBOC peer support network, provide latest information and resources to thousands of families facing cancer, and advocate for advances in research and treatment.

  • Create your own fundraising activities, bring together a fundraising team, or raise money in honor of a special occasion.
  • Join or donate to other members' fundraisers.
  • Join FORCE-sponsored events.

TeamFORCE members raised $250,000 since 2013 to support FORCE's life-saving work and made thousands of people aware of HBOC.


Money + Awareness = Saving Lives.


Golf Tournament
Create an Event

Use your talent to lead your own TeamFORCE fundraiser.


Participate in an Event

Find an already scheduled event in your area and join!


Donate to a Fundraiser

Find and donate to an event, participant or team.


InformedDNAInformedDNA Healthare, Personalized

Thank you TeamFORCE sponsor

FORCE thanks InformedDNA for its generous support of TeamFORCE.


InformedDNA is the nation's largest independent provider network of genetics specialists enabled by a comprehensive evidence-based knowledge library for genetic tests and hereditary conditions.


Impact of Your Efforts

$25 Telephone Support


Enables FORCE to supply one day of telephone support and peer navigation.

$50 Brochures


Allows FORCE to distribute 100 educational brochures to local hospitals and physicians.

$100 Outreach


Provides Outreach support to one person.

$500 Outreach


Provides Outreach support to five people.

$1,000 Outreach Training


Covers training for one Outreach Coordinator, who in turns provides support to hundreds of people.

Paying it forward so my daughters have more choices

Socorro Rojas is working towards the day when more people are previvors like she and her sister are, and fewer get cancer - like her mother, a survivor, and her two siblings who tragically lost their battles.  Socorro's goal is to raise $10,000 this year through TeamFORCE.


She's fundraising so future generations have more options and no family has to face hereditary cancer alone.

Pay it Forward

FORCE:Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered