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Zoe Richman and Olivia & Abigail Zahl

EVENT NAME: Ribbons Around Rye Brook

RAISED To Date: $8,500



This October, we are making a huge impact for FORCE with a very creative idea for our Bat and B’Nai Mitzvah projects. We are tying pink ribbons around trees and lampposts in Rye Brook, NY for everyone who makes a donation to our TeamFORCE fundraising page.

My name is Zoe Richman and my Bat Mitzvah is September 16, 2017. Two years ago, my mom lost her battle to breast cancer. For my Mitzvah project, I wanted to do something to help fight against cancer and prevent others from having to deal with such a terrible loss. Along with my friends, Olivia and Abby Zahl, we are tying pink ribbons around trees in Rye Brook during October (breast cancer awareness month) to help with the fight against cancer. The proceeds from our fundraising will be used to prevent people from getting breast cancer in the future and to help those currently fighting breast cancer.

We, Olivia and Abigail Zahl, are looking forward to celebrating our B’nai Mitzvah on  December 16, 2017. For our Mitzvah project, we teamed up with our friend, Zoe Richman, to help make an impact in the fight against cancer, especially breast cancer. Our mom, Cindy Zahl, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2016. Fortunately, after two surgeries to remove cancerous cells, our mom is well and thriving!

Zoe, Olivia and Abigail have set up a link on the TeamFORCE website where people can make charitable donations which go directly to FORCE. Throughout October, we will be asking our friends, family, neighbors and the community at-large to please consider making a donation. Every time someone donates money through our TeamFORCE website, we will tie a pink ribbon around a tree or lamppost in front of that person’s home.

We are hopeful that your generous donations and the presence of these ribbons around Rye Brook will help families who are struggling and will raise awareness of our desire to rid the community of this terrible disease called cancer. We are so appreciative of everyone’s kindness and generosity.


We are making a visual impact by tying pink ribbons around our town. It is our way to raise awareness of hereditary cancer and thank people for their generous donations to our project.


Our parents used Facebook and emails to help promote our fundraising campaign. We wrote our story to be compelling and inviting for people who want to donate to FORCE.  

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