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CEO of InformedDNA is an Inspired Corporate and Personal Donor to FORCE

For FORCE board member, David Nixon, professional interests quickly became personal after he began working with and learning more about Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE).  David serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for InformedDNA®, an organization with the largest full-time staff of genetic experts in the United States.

“As I began to learn more about FORCE, its mission and purpose, it become so much more important to me.  My interests and work with FORCE began to expand from pure business to its mission, values and goals,” he says.  David Nixon joined the FORCE Board of Directors in 2015.  In addition to numerous InformedDNA sponsorships, David is a monthly donor as well as a member of the Legacy Circle planned giving society.  He also supports special email campaigns as they arise.

“I’ve always had a strong interest in truthful public information about health issues, so from the start, the XRAYS program (eXamining the Relevance of Articles for Young  Survivors) has been significant to me,” says David.  XRAYS translates media reports on emerging breast cancer research into language that is clear and accessible to help guide the breast cancer community – particularly young women – through media clutter and misinformation.  “I am also quite inspired by the high level of engagement from the FORCE volunteer community.  Their passion for the mission is incredible.  One cannot help being moved by it.”

David shared that he became a member of the FORCE Legacy Circle planned giving society because he wants to make sure there is lifetime support for FORCE going forward.  “These kinds of gifts give the organization a stronger foundation and longevity.  I look forward to seeing others join me and become Legacy Circle members to help pay forward support for the hereditary cancer community.”

In addition to monetary support, David’s company, InformedDNA provides resources to the FORCE community by providing – at no cost to the user – complimentary “chat with the genetic counselor” opportunities through the FORCE website and free on-site appointments with genetic counselors during the Joining FORCES Conference.

“I’ve become evangelical about FORCE,” notes David.  “It is astounding how much misinformation about health conditions exists in the public space.  FORCE is a champion for sharing and promoting quality, truthful information that people need so badly when they learn they or a loved one has a hereditary disease.”

“Moving forward, the need for FORCE is going to grow as medical research uncovers more about genetic influences on health.  I give to make sure the organization is there to serve those needs,” says David.  To learn more about giving to FORCE, including ways to give that can have tax advantages for donors, please reach out to Marcy Rubic at or (866) 288-7475 ext. 715.

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