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If you would like to sponsor a screening of Decoding Annie Parker download our sponsor proposal and contact KarenKramer for more information.

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Decoding Annie Parker

Join us for an evening on the red carpet along with Annie Parker and director, Steve Bernstein at these benefit screenings of Decoding Annie Parker, a powerful and unforgettable feature film starring Samantha Morton (as Annie Parker) and Helen Hunt as Dr. Mary Claire King.

Chicago, July 25th

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Los Angeles, September 17th

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Washington, October 1st

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Philadelphia, October 2nd

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Palm Beach, October 12th

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Download a review of Decoding Annie Parker by Anna Kuwada, Seattle Outreach Coordinator.


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Decoding Annie Parker is a feature film based on the real lives of two remarkable women.  It is the story of Anne Parker, played by Samantha Morton, a sharp witted, funny and irrepressible young woman who watches her mother, then sister, fall victim to breast cancer.  When later, she herself is diagnosed with the disease she believes that her cancer must be hereditary in nature.  She is resolved to fight back against immeasurable odds.

The film is also the story of Dr. Mary-Claire King, played by Helen Hunt, the Berkeley based geneticist whose discovery of the BRCA1 gene and it's link to hereditary breast cancer forever changed the understanding of the disease.  Hers is considered one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

Annie Parker and Mary-Claire King are separated by thousands of miles, by circumstance, background and education, but their lives gradually intertwine until a final, singular and life changing reckoning.


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