Martha's Story

Martha and her sistersWords cannot express just how grateful I am to FORCE and the generous donors to the Linda Pedraza Scholarship Fund for giving me and my sisters the opportunity to attend such a wonderful and educational conference.

Until the conference my sisters never accepted my diagnose of breast cancer or the possibility of a hereditary link to my diagnosis. Through attending the conference my sisters now better understand their own risk factors.

In the documentary In The Family one of my sisters said about her cancer risk, "If it is unknown to me, let it stay unknown." Since the conference two of my sisters have agreed to inquire about genetic testing for themselves.

I am a survivor of stage IV breast cancer and I live in a predominantly African-American, low income neighborhood. It is often hard for women here to get access to proper care and information. I have shared the information that I learned at the conference with other high-risk members in my local community.

I thank FORCE for providing my family with the information and loving support that has led them to open their eyes and confront the cancer risk in our family and for providing me with the opportunity to give back to my community by sharing the life-saving information that I learned at the Joining FORCEs Conference.