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Elian, Europe

Quick Info About Me

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One month ago I learned about my BRCA2. Finding more information and reading about other women dealing with BRCA1/2 encourage me so much. Thank you!

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My journey

Last year I was diagnosed DCIS and a surgery with direct reconstruction. Now I will have the next surgery to remove my ovaries and tubes. I am thinking about screening or a mastectomy for my other breast.

The hardest part of my journey

The hardest part is all the emotions concerning BRCA and that I don't know what to expect from a sudden menopause through surgery and that I sometimes feel so alone in this. This site and the experiences of other women helps me so much.

If I could do it over again

I feel that I don't have a choice: the best thing I can do, is to do again a surgery to remove my ovaries and maybe my other breast. The other side of the story is, that at least I can do something with the knowledge that my risk is so high.

My participation with FORCE

So much! All the information I got and the encouraging stories of other women: GREAT!

Other thoughts

I wish everyone of you strength to deal with everything concerning BRCA and I hope you all have helpful and lovely people around you! You don't fight alone.

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