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Debbie, Hobe Sound, Florida

Quick Info About Me

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Age: 57

Diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer, stage 4 in 2011 and BRCA 1 positive

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My journey

I'm an active wife, mother and grandmother and went thru full hysterectomy, and bilateral mastectomies with expanders and implants. In 2013 had recurring cancer, chemo again and now on a clinical trial drug program. One of my sisters just finished chemo for breast cancer and tested BRCA 1 positive as well. We are both happy to be alive and well.

The hardest part of my journey

Trying to live a normal life once again and not worrying if and when cancer will return again.

If I could do it over again

If I had known that I was BRCA 1 positive before this, I would have elected to remove my ovaries,fallopian tubes and breasts as a preventative. There was no doubt in my mind that female parts were no longer my friends and needed to go when diagnosed in 2011.

My participation with FORCE

As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer, my doctors advised me to look into FORCE and to attend the convention that was in my state that year. It was the best advise I could have received as the people I met and spoke with gave me valuable information on all I needed to decide on, breast surgery, clinical trials, and much more. Since then I found a clinical trial that is now hopefully helping me and others to prevent cancer from either returning or starting again. Thank you FORCE.

Other thoughts

This experience has given me a chance to slow down and enjoy life more and I have met some truly amazing, brave women like myself that are willing to share with others their experiences.

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