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There are so many stories on FORCE's website and so many members willing to share their experiences. We hope these profiles can help you connect with our community and get advice from people like you — people who have been where you are today!

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Voices of Force

Laura E
Eau Claire, WI, 42. Actually finding out I have the BRCA mutation so I can do something about it! My genetic counselor has been fabulous & getting involved with FORCE!

Voices of Force

Phoenix, Az, 27. I am BRCA1 positive, single, with no children. I discovered my status 3 yrs ago. I am currently using surveilance until I am ready for surgeries!

Voices of Force

Marilyn Robinson
Berkeley, CA, 64.

Voices of Force

Kelley K.
Atlanta, GA, 22. My name is Kelley and I am 22 years old, single, and have no kids. I recently found out that I am BRCA1+ positive.

Voices of Force

Laura B
Meridian, Idaho, 33. I was diagnosed BRCA-1+ 3 months ago. Three weeks ago I under went a PBL Mastectomy...the most empowering thing I have ever done for myself...


Southaven, MS, 27. I haven't been tested for BRCA yet, but I have another gene mutation that labels me high risk and a family history. I'm getting my PBM in spring '11.

Voices of Force

Karin Aguirre
Auckland, New Zealand, 31. I felt a sense of belonging right away, and being with so many other women who understand the emotions of this mutation, I get teary thinking about it

Voices of Force

Karin C.
Canyon Lake, CA,


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