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Breast Cancer is Tough Enough. Finding Credible Information About it Should Be Easy.

December 18, 2015

Knowing that you are at high risk for breast cancer, or being diagnosed with breast cancer, is never easy. Finding out that someone you know is at high risk for breast cancer or has been diagnosed with breast cancer is just as hard. Having to then try to comprehend the medical jargon that you read online or hear from the news regarding breast cancer can be completely overwhelming. Thanks to the CDC funded program, eXamining Relevant Articles For Young Survivors (XRAYS) and FORCE, research is easier, safer, and more reliable than ever before.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 8.23.52 PMA Solution to All the Hype  

After realizing that those at high risk for breast cancer and young breast cancer survivors were receiving mixed messages and confusing information from the media, FORCE launched the XRAYS program. Too often, headlines did not match the information provided in stories. And even worse, this information was regularly incorrect or incomplete.

Knowledge is Power

Whether you are a male or female, you likely know someone with breast cancer. XRAYS helps those diagnosed or at high risk to better understand how new research impacts their lives and health care choices. Shouldn’t your mom, your sister, your friend, your wife, or anyone else have access to accurate and relevant content about what breast cancer is? FORCE XRAYS thinks so.

XRAYS believes people should have the opportunity to make informed decisions and therefore, XRAYS strives to help those facing breast cancer effectively navigate through and better understand information they learn from the media.

Going Behind the Headlines

XRAYS has a team of medical experts dedicated to assessing the accuracy of popular articles related to breast cancer. The experts provide corrected and additional information that is backed by research. Separating the help from the hype, the information is then compiled into a review that is shared with the public.

To date, XRAYS has launched over 10 reviews based on published studies, news articles, and popular media stories. Ultimately, the reviews give people (like you and me) the tools to make better decisions for our own health and wellbeing, and for the health and wellbeing of those we love.

Making Informed Decisions

XRAYS does the research for you, separating the help from the hype and providing trustworthy information regarding breast cancer news. Weekly reviews and quarterly digests allow those at high risk for breast cancer and young breast cancer survivors to make the best-informed decisions possible.

Find clear answers to questions regarding recent breast cancer-related news articles, today; see XRAYS most popular reviews and XRAYS most recent quarterly digest!

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